2008 Fusilage

March 25, 2014


This collection is directly named after its method of creation. The links are fused together rather than soldered. The silver is heated to a temperature of 900°C. At that point it begins to melt and the two ends are bought together and fused to form a small blob. The  links are then rolled out to produce a lovely graphic hand drawn effect.

2007 Paper chains

March 25, 2014


A symbol of connectedness and playfulness these paper chains are inspired by the paper chains we all made as children. Three oversized links are finished off with a long leather link.

2006 Remember you must die

March 25, 2014


A skull is a definite serious symbol and humble reminder of our temporary existence. It has also been associated with secret societies, poison, vanity, courage, rebelliousness and celebrating the dead. It’s no wonder they are plastered over everything. My skulls were originally carved by jeweller Kathy Maclay. They have a beautiful level of detail and look a little happy. Plain or gem encrusted they have a timeless appeal. Many have become wedding rings with sparkling diamond eyes.



The pebble. 2005. Ten Volcanic Years

March 20, 2014

pebblesilverchainpebbletoolspebblestickncpceA pebble is a rock fragment that is a result from millions of years of abrasion in the sea or rivers. This is erosion at its best. The shape of pebbles is determined by the type of rock, it’s hardness and its breakage pattern. Igneous rocks are more resistant to weathering which produces spherical, super smooth shapes. Softer layered rocks such as slate will  produce very flat ovoid shapes. When we hold a pebble we not only experience it’s smooth tactile surface, we are also linked with the earth’s geological processes. Pebbles are reservoirs of history, karma, and energy. It’s hard to stroll on a beach and not pick up pebbles. One of my fav ongoing commissions is to set client’s pebbles into rings. I usually stamp the year and name of the beach it was collected from. It makes a wonderful keepsake. Pebble tools are among the earliest man made artifacts dating from the Palaeolithic period. I collected some beautiful pebbles from the Nepean River in Sydney which became pebble tools. Still one of my favourite artworks. Ten Volcanic Years opens next  Friday night.

Ten Volcanic Years

February 28, 2014

shapeshiftersYes ten year shop anniversary next month. I am putting a show together of ten Ari besties. Choosing works that best represent that year is rather tricky, so I decided it was going to be a combination of a number of factors such as best sellers/personal favourites/good ideas/good design. So 2004 kicks off with the shape shifter earrings. These shapes are still in production simply because the design is super pared back. Variations within variations means I never get bored making them and clients still rave about how they wear them death.  Ten Volcanic Years  opens Friday 28 March 2014.

Happy Birthday Sagittarians

December 3, 2013

saggisToday I made a batch of quartz crystal earrings displaying some lovely twinning. The unusual colour is achieved by heating the quartz crystals to about 870 degrees celsius in a vacuum. A mist of vapourised metal (copper in this case) is added to the chamber resulting in a striking metallic coating. Happy birthday. Quartz drops $48.

Clayschool Exhibition 2013

December 3, 2013

raycavillClayschool exhibition and openday this weekend, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December 10am-4pm.

I first came across Clayschool when a client mentioned she was doing some claywork in West End. I eventually got around to visiting the school/studio and was blown away. The very knowledgable Ray Cavill  runs small weekly classes practically tailored to your needs. The school is located in an old wood fired bakery at 350 Montague Road West End. There will be artworks for sale. Check it out  Clayschool

Image above Ray Cavill cups.

Edwina Corlette Gallery Small Works Show

December 3, 2013


This time of year I try to squeeze out at least one painting for Edwina Corlette Gallery Small Works Summer show. Blue pot is a recurring motif for me this time of year. Enamel on steel 50x50x5cm.

Greens and Blues

November 28, 2013


Silver opens at Museum of Brisbane

November 25, 2013

silverSilver is a new exhibition at the wonderfully restored Museum of Brisbane. Curated by Jacqueline Armistead, six jewellers have been paired up with six photographers to collaborate on new artworks inspired by Brisbane. I was lucky to be paired up with the talented Michael Cooke (as pictured) I won’t say too much about the show and let the art do the talking.  Until 27 April 2014.



pointyboxpumice First and last images by Museum of Brisbane photographer Chelsea Sipthorp.  Museum of Brisbane




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