Santorini on my mind

July 11, 2014

santorinicoppercrystalhoopsstonebangles18kbanglesraycupchalcedonydropsFrom the top, Aquamarine silver neckpiece $499. Copper swarovski earrings $129.  Stone bangles howlite, sodalite, clear quartz and peachy chalcedony. Sarah 18k gold bangles $3900. Ray Cavill woodfired cup. Blue chalcedony silver stick drops $99. Howlite stone bangle. enquiries 07 3358 6388

Mother of Pearl Quatrafoil Earrings

May 22, 2014

quatrafoilMother of pearl is also known as nacre which is what pearls are made of as well. This particular mother of pearl comes from the species pinctada maxima oyster and produces the by far the best mother of pearl. They are primarily found in the South Sea and in North coastal waters of Australia from Darwin to Dampier. Australia is the biggest supplier of South Sea pearls and mother of pearl, however I can’t say these are Australian for sure (my supplier would not disclose).

Mother of pearl forms the inner part of the shell and appears irridescent because of the stacked aragonite (a form of calcium carbonate) and protein layers.  Mother of pearl is secreted by the oyster to protect it from parasites and foreign objects such as humans inserting a foreign object such as mantle tissue or a bead into the shell to produce the secretions. This forms the basis of what is known as a cultured pearl.

A lovely pared back shape, quatrafoil is Latin for four leaves. These shapes are often found as tracery in Gothic churches however as with most geometric patterns, it has roots in Islamic architecture.

Mother of Pearl Quatrafoil earrings $59 pair. Limited edition. To reserve a pair email me or call the store on 07 33586388


2013 Painterely Plastic

May 13, 2014


To coincide with my painting show ‘Rockheads’ at Edwina Corlette Gallery, I wanted to experiment with paint on jewellery. Instead, whilst on a family holiday on Stradbroke Island, I came across these plastic shapes washed up with the pumice on South Gorge Beach. I immediately connected the shapes to my brushstrokes. The plastic had floated and travelled for miles with the pumice, which acts as a gentle abrasive softening the forms.

2012 Lustre

May 13, 2014


I really began to use pearls when I started sourcing my gemstones from international gem fairs. The Hong Kong Jewellery fair is by far the best place to buy freshwater pearls since China grows 99% of world’s pearls in their vast lake and river system. I like to reverse the conservative label a string of pearls often project, by mixing the colours, shapes, grades and adding leather. The pearly luster suits all skin tones and marries really well with brushed silver or gold.

2011 Commemorative

May 13, 2014


The sentimental and commemorative value that jewellery holds is undeniably one of the main reasons we are so attached to these objects. Jewellery stays in the family and often has matriarchal lineage. Hand engraving is a beautiful way to capture an image on metal. My olive branches, birds, boats, anchors and byzantine crosses are engraved by Duncan Vickers. I will often stamp text or dates to mark birthdays or anniversaries otherwise ‘where the wild things are’ also does the job!


2010 Mineralia

May 13, 2014

minealiaA Celebration of minerals and metal, treasures from the earth. The designs are super pared back and the silver forms are just as bold as these colours. Experimenting with different colour combinations is very much like painting, searching for the right tones, the right amount of contrast and composition. Sometimes a piece may be unfinished for months or even years as I wait for the right mineral to come along.


2009 Playdough

May 13, 2014


These rings are shaped by hand like playdough but using a soft wax. It’s liberating to be able to sculpt something using very few tools, making it handy when travelling. Working with wax can be tricky and difficult to control, but it is responsive as well, very much like clay. Once the wax is complete it is cast into silver or gold using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The level of detail achieved is fantastic, so much so that I have to file off my imprinted fingerprints. The results are rings that have that dug up unique quality.

2008 Fusilage

March 25, 2014


This collection is directly named after its method of creation. The links are fused together rather than soldered. The silver is heated to a temperature of 900°C. At that point it begins to melt and the two ends are bought together and fused to form a small blob. The  links are then rolled out to produce a lovely graphic hand drawn effect.

2007 Paper chains

March 25, 2014


A symbol of connectedness and playfulness these paper chains are inspired by the paper chains we all made as children. Three oversized links are finished off with a long leather link.

2006 Remember you must die

March 25, 2014


A skull is a definite serious symbol and humble reminder of our temporary existence. It has also been associated with secret societies, poison, vanity, courage, rebelliousness and celebrating the dead. It’s no wonder they are plastered over everything. My skulls were originally carved by jeweller Kathy Maclay. They have a beautiful level of detail and look a little happy. Plain or gem encrusted they have a timeless appeal. Many have become wedding rings with sparkling diamond eyes.




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